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Our Ponies

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Molly is a tri coloured Irish Cob and is  12.2 hh. She was born in 2000. Her show name is Graffiti Girl. She arrived at Le Claire stables aged 4 years. She LOVES her food, is very laid back and takes everything in her stride.



Dozzie is a 13.2hh Appaloosa pony which is an American breed which is best known for its colourful spotted coat. She was born in 2005 in Ireland and has been at Le Claire stables since she was 6 years old. She doesn't like motorbikes but she is very sweet and likes people. She is very good in the stable.


Blue is a Welsh Section B grey mare born in 1988. 12.2hh. Her show name is Mistey Blue. She arrived at Le Claire stables aged 14 years. She can be very sweet but will only accept cuddles from people she trusts.


Toffee is 12.1hh and is a Liver Chestnut mare,Welsh Section B born in 1996. Her show name is Woodend Toffee Apple. She arrived at Le Claire stables aged 11 years. She is a little head shy and does not like people moving quickly around her, but she is very sweet.


Holly is a 14.2hh Bay Mare, Welsh Section D cob. She was born in 1998 and her show name is Tencarr Rewin. She arrived at Le Claire stables when she was 5 years. She likes to lick the wall!



Marshie is a 13hh grey.


Charlie is a 14.2hh Bay Gelding, Irish cob born in 1995. His show name is Charlie Brown. He arrrived at Le Claire stables aged 5. He has lots of energy and loves cuddles.

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